Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is my brain on drugs

N's washing about a week's worth of dishes right now, and I'm waiting for this little yellow muscle relaxer to kick in. Because I'm so old now (happy birthday to me on Monday! Thank you! Thank you very much!), I have old-people problems, like a bad neck. I just found out that my old herniated disc problem will most likely be chronic unless I get some sort of surgery (yeah, no thanks).

Anyway, now I'm taking some drugs to try to calm it (and me) down. Apparently, these pills make me loopy, and sleepy, and angry! I tried really hard but failed at staying awake for the entire Lost episode (partly because I'm old, and staying up that late on a weeknight hurts me anyway). And when I woke up at the end, I. Was. Pissed! But I'm not sure why. N stood back and let me stomp off to bed, though he said he was scared. Of me.

Oh, N's done now so I better go watch The Office with him before he gets all caught up in something else. Too bad, I had all kinds of hallucinogenic stories to tell you about these drugs, too! (Not really.) (And, N and I just took a few precious seconds trying to figure out how to spell hallucinogen. For the record, that's the right way.)

Crap, this entry sucks eggs. Sorry about that. This is my brain on drugs. Dammit. That would make a good blog title. Pretend you only read it once.


Blogger ComfyRest said...

Best of luck with the pain. I have had herniated disk pain: NO FUN. Muscle relaxers didn't work. I always suggest that if it gets to the point where surgery is a serious option please consider acupuncture along with physical therapy first. It may sound silly at first but I speak from experience. It helped my herniated neck disk. At the risk of sounding like a spammer also consider a pillow I invented that alleviates my disk problem when the pain reappears. The SquidFace & ComfyRest pillows. Lying on my back or facedown it corrects the herniation and alleviates the pain. It helps people with back pain also. It is strange but it works wonders. Good luck, Bob

April 14, 2007 3:37 PM  

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